Friday, December 31, 2021

Russian sailors discuss with grave of a Russian officer in Indonesia

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For the first time, Russian sailors were able to discuss with the grave of Russian officer Sergei Khokhlov in Indonesia, TASS stories. 

Lieutenant Sergei Khokhlov is buried within the Christian cemetery of Sabang, which is observed on the Indonesian island of Veh within the Aceh province. The sailor died after an accident on the "Poltava"  battleship. It came about 120 years in the past - on February 27, 1901. at that time, the ship turned into sailing from Kronstadt to the Pacific Ocean.

Russian servicemen held a commemorative ceremony with a armed forces salute.

based on the Russian embassy, it was the primary time when the Indonesian authorities allowed Russian sailors to move ashore within the province of Aceh. in addition, they had been allowed to take their weapons with them as a way to behavior a salute. 

Khokhlov's burial place changed into discovered in 2019. This become preceded by lots of work by using historians and diplomats who studied archival documents and toured cemeteries. After the grave became found, it turned out that the monument become in relatively respectable situation, except for the disappeared move.

Now the grave is crowned with a brand new pass. The writer of the challenge is the architect from St. Petersburg Rafael Dayanov. The go turned into cast from iron with voluntary donations, consecrated and delivered to Indonesia. 

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