Monday, September 6, 2021

Afghanistan feminine country wide Taekwondo crew rescued and granted Australian Refugee fame

Following the grant of a insurance plan visa (refugee visa) for the female Afghanistan Para athlete Zakia Khudadadi by means of the Australian executive, which saw her being evacuated from Kabul airport to Tokyo to be in a position to compete on the Tokyo Para video games, the focal point then centred on the feminine countrywide crew in Afghanistan who had been left behind when the Kabul airport turned into eventually closed, and all overseas troops departed.

Eight female athletes who're part of the country wide crew went into hiding following the closure of Kabul airport and the next handle of the airport with the aid of Taliban troopers. This was after some 77 Afgan athletes, officers and their members of the family have been granted Humanitarian visas and had been flown out of Kabul to Australia earlier than the airport closed.

there have been studies that the Taliban had been starting to goal feminine athletes and going door to door attempting to find them. consequently, urgent action changed into required to are attempting and protect the female Taekwondo athletes even if the airport changed into now closed.

because of the intervention of the Australian Taekwondo and Oceania Taekwondo, tactics were made to the Australian executive to intervene to supply them insurance policy visas.

Eight female athletes had been ultimately granted insurance policy visas from the Australian government on 30 August 2021.

John Kotsifas the President of Oceania Taekwondo and the Humanitarian lawyer who lodged the visa functions for the entire athletes stated:

"This was an in depth and coordinated effort between our Australian MNA, the Australian govt and Oceania Taekwondo. Australian Taekwondo turned into instrumental in the evacuation process, in particular Ms. Heather Garriock the CEO of Australian Taekwondo and Mr. Craig Foster who is a human rights activist and has been carefully working with Amnesty overseas."

in keeping with John Kotsifas, the rescue and evacuation of the athletes required a cautious and distinct approach because the athletes have been on their own, very younger, had no cash, the airport turned into closed, and they remained uncovered to capture by the Taliban.The youngest of the athletes was simply 16 yrs historic.

"although that we managed to secure refugee visas for the eight younger girls, we still obligatory to coordinate their evacuation from Afghanistan for the reason that Kabul airport become closed. The best choice for the athletes became to make their technique to the Pakistan border which become a really long and unhealthy adventure primarily when you consider that the Taliban were now in manage of the country and Taliban troopers were in every single place."

"These eight girls were very brave and regardless of the glaring risks they confronted if they were caught, they slowly made their manner against the border with super choice and magnificent resilience. Heather Garriock kept in steady contact with the athletes by way of cell 24/7 while i attempted to negotiate with the Pakistan excessive commission to be sure their passage through the border. there have been steady hurdles and when they eventually received to the border, they had been no longer approved to cross the border into Pakistan."

"We then advised the athletes to enter hiding for just a few more days unless we could get the documentation obligatory for them to be allowed into Pakistan. Time became quick working out, and the athletes remained in grave hazard of being captured by using the Taliban. We eventually managed to get the border crossing allows for best to be told that the athletes crucial to go back and forth an additional 20 hours away to a distinct border to be able to be authorised entry into Pakistan. this is able to show very unhealthy to the athletes and their lives may be positioned in jeopardy if they needed to shuttle to this point and to cross checkpoints that by now had been being managed by means of the Taliban."

The Pakistan border manage authori ties additionally indicated that one of the most athletes who did not have a passport would no longer be accredited entry. additional, there have been two border controls between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The athletes had made their solution to the Chaman border however once they go there, they had been told they deserve to go back and forth to the Torkham border which was another 20 hours go back and forth.

"There turned into no manner the athletes had been going to make it to the Torkham border with out being caught by way of the Taliban. There become on hurdle after another in attempting to get these women into Pakistan earlier than they have been caught however following further strategies which I made to the Pakistan consulate in Islamabad, all the athletes had been finally accredited to enter Pakistan on the Chaman border control where they have been hiding devoid of the deserve to travel to a further border which was hundreds of miles away.".

The athletes are now safe in Pakistan and are being looked after by using Pakistani and Australian authorities except they make their way to Islamabad for onward departure to Australia.

in accordance with John Kotsifas, "There is still a whole lot work to be finished earlier than the Taekwondo athletes can fly to Australia and they will probably spend the next few weeks in Islamabad whilst Australian bound flights are being geared up, but at this time they're all safe and well very a good deal looking forward to starting their new lives in Australia."

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