Monday, June 14, 2021

Sheremetyevo Airport body of workers Congratulates Compatriots on Russia Day

MOSCOW, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sheremetyevo foreign Airport has joined the federal patriotic event Russia Sings, committed to Russia's country wide day. To commemorate the holiday, personnel of main Russian businesses performed songs about our amazing Motherland on June 12.

personnel of Sheremetyevo Airport and heaps of Russians celebrated Russia Day by means of performing familiar lyric compositions. On June 12, authentic Sheremetyevo social media accounts posted a video clip for the legendary song "Hope is my Compass in the world" carried out via Sheremetyevo's rescuers, airfield provider drivers, counsel carrier dispatchers, registration dispatchers, aviation mechanics, equipment inspectors, and personnel of Sheremetyevo VIP and Sheremetyevo obligation Free Heinemann.

A flash mob danced in the departure enviornment of Terminal B organized with the aid of Aeroflot airways with the participation of the Federation of Dance sports and Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll, permitting the main dance couples of the nation to show off their dancing expertise to the viewers.

members within the flash mob performed a series of acrobatic rock-and-roll and ruin dance numbers, and the program culminated with the Aeroflot dance carried out via artists within the stylized uniform of flight attendants. Passengers and guests were capable of take keepsake photographs with the dancers and Aeroflot flight attendants.

Congratulations on Russia Day was broadcast on tremendous-scale media displays in the terminals and at the station squares, and over the speakerphone on the airport.

Russia Day is a national holiday symbolizing for hundreds of thousands of Russians love for their Motherland, harmony, strength and dealing collectively for country wide prosperity.

Sheremetyevo Airport is the leading air gateway to Russia and the beginning aspect for wonderful trip, permitting one to find Russia's attractiveness, diversity and originality.


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