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Some 1.9 million tourists seek advice from Moscow throughout holiday ...

MOSCOW, January 14. /TASS/. Some 1.9 million tourists visited Moscow throughout the 2021 break season, most of them - from St. Petersburg, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin observed on tv Thursday.

"the entire variety of tourists who visited Moscow within the ten days of vacations is 1,900 thousand. this is lower than closing 12 months, of course, however you’ve got to agree, here is a rather colossal number," Sobyanin pointed out.

based on the Mayor, the variety of car drivers coming to Moscow from St. Petersburg extended twofold in comparison to the final year. besides, Moscow noticed travelers from Kaluga, Vladimir, Tver, Tula, but no foreigners.

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Why Some New Immigrants would not visit the Rebbe

What the Rebbe informed Bentzion Chen, who moved to Kfar Chabad from Russia, about why some Russian immigrants to the U.S. had been afraid to consult with him at 770. Full Story

Mr. Bentzion Chen worked in Israel's aerospace trade for thirty-five years, during which era he published eight books in Russian on Judaism and Chasidism. because retiring, he has committed himself to spreading Torah among immigrants from the former Soviet Union. He become interviewed by means of JEM's My come upon venture in February of 2015.

i was born right into a Chabad-Lubavitch household in what become then referred to as Leningrad (and now is known as St. Petersburg). throughout my childhood, chasidim suffered drastically in Soviet Russia, as these were the years when the KGB mercilessly persecuted those that were intent on retaining the embers of Judaism burning.

just a few months before her wedding, my mother watched her father, Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin, as he was aggressively dragged from his home via KGB agents for the crime of teaching Torah underground. before he left, he managed to say to his children, "maintain the methods of your forefathers" — which earned him a blow from his captors. lamentably, these had been the final phrases they heard from him — they later discovered that he was murdered simply a few weeks after his arrest.

When World warfare Two ended, a treaty become signed between Poland and the Soviet Union enabling Polish citizens, who fled to Soviet territory right through the conflict, to come to their place of origin. Lubavitchers used this opportunity to arrange an in depth network of document forging, which enabled many to depart below the assumed identities of Polish citizens.

My parents additionally wanted to go away and, for that intent, we moved to the border city of Lvov where the community functioned. however before the arrangements could be made, the KGB found and my parents, amongst many others, were arrested on the can charge of treason. accordingly, at the age of 11, i was left without folks and needed to soar round from one relative's home to a further.After the loss of life of Stalin, lots of the prisoners who had been sent to labor camps had been launched, together with my folks, who have been freed after six years of imprisonment. a little while later, we moved to Tashkent, the place there became a big neighborhood of Lubavitchers.

I obtained married in Tashkent and commenced working as a technician in the Soviet Union's aerospace business. The entire time we had been hoping to go away. In our farbrengens, the participants would desire one one other that they should still at some point benefit to meet the Rebbe in the usa, and we even had a music that we might sing about this.

finally my wife and i and our two daughters have been granted an exit let. We went to Israel, where we settled in Kfar Chabad, and simply earlier than Passover of 1973, we traveled to long island to visit the Rebbe for the first time. Our dream of many years become ultimately fulfilled!

when we arrived, we requested a personal viewers. We have been staying at the domestic of my wife's cousin, Rabbi Gershon Jacobson, and he helped us get capable for our viewers. At his advice, we organized a written record of the entire subject matters we hoped to check with the Rebbe, as neatly because the many requests for blessings that other Jewish refugees from the Soviet Union had asked us to deliver earlier than the Rebbe. Rabbi Jacobson said that if we don't write these things down in develop, we might overlook them within the Rebbe's presence.

certainly, after we eventually got here into his workplace, i was so moved that i used to be unable to utter a notice. although, once I appeared at the Rebbe's heat face and his fatherly smile, I felt a calm come over me and that i became capable of communicate.

The Rebbe asked us many questions. He was very interested in lifestyles within the usa and desired to know how the chasidim there celebrated the holidays, what their farbrengens had been like, and the way they have been managing to maintain the Torah.

After we answered his questions, we requested the Rebbe to bless people who had given us their names. among them become the name of a pupil in the school where my wife worked; the boy become very ill and we submitted a letter from his parents to the Rebbe. The Rebbe examine the letter however didn't say anything. At that element, my wife spoke up, however the Rebbe most effective stated, "i do know; i was already asked."

unfortunately, after we acquired again, this child handed away. We understood that the Rebbe ought to have considered issues that others couldn't and that, during this case, he knew there become no probability of overturning the decree.

additionally in this conversation, I requested the Rebbe concerning the various job alternatives that were counseled to me in Israel — among which turned into a position within the aerospace business. i used to be inclined towards this field considering that I had journey in it, however there were different promising presents as well. The Rebbe asked me about the variety of americans who work during this business, and upon hearing that these have been tremendously-expert people, he recommended me to accept this position.

He spoke concerning the should attain out to the various enormously-proficient but secular immigrants coming to Israel from the U.S., announcing that we must ease their absorption procedure no longer most effective materially however also spiritually. however that they have been well-informed and had college degrees, most of them had been lacking basic skills of Judaism. The Rebbe counseled that we open centers the place we may train them Torah and Jewish history as a way to convey them nearer to Judaism.

The Rebbe additionally advised us, "In fresh years, many Jews have arrived in ny from cities within the Soviet Union where Chabad chasidim lived. and thru these chasidim, these individuals were related to me. however many have in no way come to see me. I've sent just a few of my disciples to ask them why they don't come, but the simplest reply has been: 'If we come, we received't have a decision but to exchange, and we're frightened of that…'"

After we left the Rebbe's office, I observed to my spouse, "here is very entertaining counsel, however why did the Rebbe suppose the need to tell us this at four o'clock within the morning? There have to be some significance to this."

It took several years, however finally I found out.

within the starting of the 1990s, when the large waves of Jewish immigrants were coming from the previous Soviet Union, I got here to remember we had to help them now not simply with their actual wants but with their spiritual needs as neatly — because the Rebbe had urged us. We needed to connect these Jews with him, as this could affect their connection to their heritage.

This then became my simple goal, and the impetus in the back of the books I published in Russian.

currently, a pal of mine from Moscow contacted me and told me that his daughter visited Israel with the Birthright application. earlier than departure, he gave her my e-book, The Rebbe You Don't recognize, a compilation of inspirational reports about the Rebbe. When she complete analyzing it, she gave the publication to her pal, but the friend lower back it, explaining, "I don't wish to read this. i'm afraid that if I examine it, i'll have to trade my culture…"

once I heard that, the Rebbe's words echoed in my ear. It jogged my memory how correct the Rebbe turned into and inspired me to enhance my efforts in continuing to unfold his message — since the more individuals be trained about the Rebbe, the extra linked they suppose to him, the greater they want to make positive adjustments in their lives by means of retaining Torah and its mitzvot.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Moldovan president announces readiness to seek advice from Russia for ...

CHISINAU, December 31. /TASS/. Moldovan President Maia Sandu has announced readiness to visit Russia for discussing crucial considerations, including Moldovan exports and the Transnistria settlement.

"i am ready to go to Russia. There are concerns which are always on our agenda, regarding exchange, exports, settlement of the Transnistria battle, which is why i am open for discussing the total range of bilateral family members between our nations," she pointed out in an interview aired by way of the tv-eight channel on Wednesday.

in the meantime, President mentioned that she intends to discuss with Kiev and Brussels before going to Moscow.

Princess Diana performs the piano in Australia | daily Mail ...

Piano playing princess! amazing Diana performs a part of a concerto in a currently unearthed news clip from her and Prince Charles' 1988 royal tour of Australia
  • footage of Princess Diana taking part in piano in Australia has re-emerged online
  • The moment become filmed on the princess's royal tour of Australia in 1988
  • Diana played Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No 2 at a school in Melbourne
  • Princess Diana is viewed enjoying the piano in beautiful footage that has recently re-emerged on-line. 

    The brief video is taken from a information file of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's visit to Melbourne on their 1988 royal tour of Australi a.  

    On their final day within the metropolis, the royals visited Melbourne faculty of Arts where the princess delighted well-wishers by taking part in part of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, apparently without any sheet track.

    Piano playing Princess! The short video of Diana playing is taken from a news report of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's talk over with to Melbourne on their 1988 royal tour of Australia

    Planting a kiss: On their ultimate day in the metropolis, the royals visited Melbourne college of Arts where the princess delighted neatly-wishers by way of playing a part of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 with none sheet music. Professor Henri Touzeau offers Diana a kiss on the cheek

    It became Diana's second royal tour of Australia, taking vicinity five months after her first consult with, which was lately fictionalised on Netflix's T he Crown.  

    The news photos indicates Prince Charles and Princess Diana going for walks into a rehearsal room where musicians are taking part in in a semi-circle. 

    Charles is cajoled into playing the cello by using Professor Henri Touzeau, his former track tutor who later worked in Australia. 

    The prince obligingly performs just a few notes earlier than placing down the bow. The professor then turns his attention to the princess, who's stylishly dressed in a white and navy go well with and matching large-brimmed hat.

    After some preliminary hesitation, Princess Diana takes a seat at the piano and starts to play the concerto, which the newsreader describes as 'complicated'. 

    The royal performs a number of bars earlier than standing up off the piano school, at which aspect the professor flowers a kiss on her cheek. 

    Royal friends: The information pictures indicates Prince Charles and Princess Diana walking into a rehearsal room the place musicians are taking part in in a semi-circle

    Taking his flip: Charles is cajoled into playing the cello by means of Professor Henri Touzeau, his former music tutor who later labored in Australia

    gifted: The professor then turns his consideration to the princess, who is stylishly wearing a white and navy suit and matching extensive-brimmed hat

    Impressed: Professor Touzeau changed into wowed by the princess's capability on the piano

    short escape: The newsreader cited Diana appeared keen to stop playing and sidle away

    Hurried departure: presently afterwards Princess Diana made a beeline for the door and left

    Princess Diana was an accomplished musician and star ted taking part in piano as a younger woman.

    She took after her maternal grandmother, Ruth Boche, Baroness Fermoy, who became a talented pianist and studied with Alfred Cortot on the Paris Conservatoire in the Nineteen Twenties.

    Diana and Charles visited Australia in 1988 to mark the bicentenary of the appearance of the primary fleet of British ships in Sydney.

    The tour covered a stop in Sydney the place Princess Diana posed for a photograph with topless lifeguards.  

    achieved: Princess Diana become an achieved musician and commenced taking part in piano as a younger girl. Pictured, on the piano in Kensington Palace with William and Harry in 1985

    Armenian PM arrives in Moscow on working visit ...

    [unable to retrieve full-text content]ARMENPRESS. major Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan arrived in Moscow, Russia, on a working consult with, his spokesperson Mane Gevorgyan observed on facebook.

    Thursday, January 7, 2021

    Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer™ is a natural organic fertilizer

    1stchoicefertilizer announced the launch of a new range of organic fertilizer, brand to be available throughout the USA. Company CEO give us briefing about company strategy, he told us our marketing philosophy is simple: Our products are good for you and for the environment. We offer a method of growing plants which minimizes the use of pesticides and eliminates nitrate, phosphate and other possible chemical fertilizer run-offs. Unleash the power of Earth-Care, Make microbes work for you, And rejuvenate soil fertility. 

    During the conversation with him he told us a lot about what it was like. We believe a healthier future begins with, how we take care of our different species of planets. That’s why 1st Choice Fertilizer products help you to bring natural back to your garden

    Have any question related to lawn and farm?

    Have a question or a comment? Please share through our contact form on our website or you may call us! Together, we can grow a sustainable thriving world.

    Well With years of deap research, overall testing, and technical expertise and proper education, we have developed unique plant fertilizer that suppresses all kind of disease, pests, and weeds. Our fertilizer products work exclusively within a supported ecological system to grow plants as nature intended—with minimal intervention.

    Earth-Care Organic Fertilizer™ is a natural organic fertilizer, substantial with several species of beneficial probiotics that help to keep plants safe and healthy by maintaining a balanced and a vibrant soil ecosystem.

    Our formulas keep microbes in a dormant state until applied. When the microbes come into contact with water they become active. This prevents the microbes from dying off before they have reached the area of application. Unlike laboratory cultures, our wild microbes enter the soil at a peak point in their life cycle which makes them competent of reproducing and thriving in the innate environment.

    Our main objectives

    Unleash the power of Earth-Care: Make microbes work for you, to rejuvenate the soil’s fertility.

    Unique soil amendment and maintains the soil food web.

    Hand crafted water conserving pellets designed to conserve irrigation water and keep the soil moist.

    Use of micro-organism in positive way to supply nutrients and nourish plant.

    Inoculant: Promotes beneficial micro- organisms.

    Allows manipulation of the biology, chemistry and physical nature of soil.

    Finally, I would like to tell you that the best way to test anything is to try the product. And we know we invented best product in natural organic fertilizer. The result is very good and you will buy it again and again.

    We are available to you on every working day, if you need any kind of guidance or help, please contact us so that we can work together on your project.

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    tourist killed and others trapped by means of big icicles in ...

    A tourist has died and a toddler changed into severely injured after an important lump of ice fell from a frozen waterfall in the far east of Russia. 

    4 others had been trapped beneath rubble at the Vilyuchinsky waterfall, a favored tourist vacation spot on the volcanic peninsula of Kamchatka, however were saved through rescue laborers. 

    The falling ice stranded seven friends and one guide at the attraction on the Pacific coast on Thursday, which is widely known as Orthodox Christmas in Russia. 

    Two adults in the community, a man and a woman, sustained easy accidents and were transferred to sanatorium, officers said.

    Rescue people travelled to the far flung scene by means of helicopter and talked about they'd stay to clear the area, fearing that different guests could nonetheless be buried below the ice.

    "Rescuers have not dominated out the opportunity that americans who had travelled to the region independently could nevertheless be trapped under the rubble," local officers mentioned in an announcement.

    The 131-foot waterfall is fashioned from water flowing out from a thawing glacier, which then re-freezes during the iciness.

    officers have yet to free up the names or nationalities of those killed and injured, but they are prone to be Russian due to the fact the country's borders continue to be largely closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Russia has tried to boost domestic tourism all through the pandemic, providing cashback this summer time to people who opted to trip in the nation.

    Regional investigators observed they were launching a probe into the incident.

    Kamchatka, some four,000 miles and 9 time zones east of Moscow, is famed for its rugged landscapes, glaciers and geysers.

    but it has currently been the web page of different fatalities. Ilya Tsetkov, a 35-12 months-historical mountaineer, died when making an attempt to attain the summit of a giant energetic volcano on the peninsula this summer season. 

    The location also hit global headlines in October when tons of of useless animals washed up on its seashores, either after exposure to lethal algae or poisonous chemicals.

    Australia - The superior nation to consult with in case you like casinos ...

    Australia is a land of amazing desolate tract and artsy five-megastar lodges. in this country, everybody will discover something unique for themselves.

    And if you're additionally a lover of gambling leisure, Australia will turn into your favourite continent to discuss with all the way through your vacation!

    superstar city

    star city is a superb location to live in Sydney in case you wish to get pleasure from excellent-notch luxury lodging as neatly as the thrill of the gambling and casino luck. The complex is located within the Sydney Bay enviornment and offers leisure for all tastes of any guest. The inn rooms can be found subsequent to the casino complicated, there's a gymnasium, a swimming pool. Sydney city center with all its leisure 5 minutes from the complicated. The resort has won a few state awards for the premiere restaurant named Astral. It hosts reside performances a few instances a week. The restaurant presents Asian cuisine, buffet food as well as Australian, European South American and Indian cuisine. On the territory of the on line casino there is a bar with a rich assortment of cocktails; DJs perform on weekends.

    famous person city has currently undergone a major renovation. subsequently, a brand new Baccarat room was opened for fanatics of this game. The corridor become geared up with 18 mainly made tables and chairs for total comfort. This lounge is adjacent to the new fats Noodle restaurant with a kitchen exhibit. The luxurious decor of the new hall will help you event the joy of enjoying on a whole new stage! but, if you desire simplest to play and might't trip to AU as a result of quarantine or other cases, you at all times can consult with the foremost online on line casino Australia by way of information superhighway.

    Conrad Jupiters

    established among the many longest and cleanest shorelines on this planet on the Gold Coast, Conrad Jupiters is a great holiday destination and considered one of Australia's top-rated inns. The inn presents numerous accommodation options - 593 fantastically furnished rooms, including 29 suites and two penthouses with balconies or solar terraces. Rooms present views of the Pacific Ocean to the east and the eco-friendly hills of the Gold Coast to the west. The lodge has a few convention rooms with a complete means of 1,500 individuals, making it the surest environment for a company getaway on the Gold Coast. The inn additionally offers lots of amusement classes designed specifically for company conferences.

    Conrad Jupiters is determined on Broadbeach Island, in 6 hectares of tropical gardens, contrary the massive Pacific reasonable shopping middle. The Oasis looking center is barely minutes from the hotel and the area-famous seashores of the Gold Coast are inside strolling distance. Konrad Jupiters isn't handiest a luxurious inn, it is additionally an enjoyment center, the noted casino is open to guests around the clock.

    The inn has 5 restaurants serving a number of Australian, Asian, Italian and other cuisines. Of direction, the lodge has a brilliant swimming pool, fitness middle, tennis courts, an artwork gallery, and the 24-hour Jupiter casino with its unique video game rooms, the Konrad membership, the Jupiter theater offering you a rich alternative of enjoyment programs and performances.

    Azerbaijan Calls professional Armenian talk over with To Nagorno ...

    BAKU -- Azerbaijan's overseas Ministry has protested a seek advice from of Armenian foreign Minister Ara Aivazian to the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh vicinity, calling it a provocation and "an attempt to incite anxiety."

    Aivazian visited the vicinity on January 5 , where he met with the separatist govt's de facto overseas Minister David Babayan and signed a program of consultations.

    Leyla Abullayeva, a spokeswoman for Azerbaijan's overseas Ministry, said in a press release that Aivazian's "illegal" visit to Nagorno-Karabakh "contradicts" a truce settlement signed by Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia that ended a 44-day warfare between Baku and Yerevan over the breakaway location.

    "Violation of the duties by using reputable Yerevan is a provocation, and such actions aimed toward the domestic viewers [in Armenia] do not add to normalization of the situation in the place," Abullayeva noted, including that Yerevan may still accept the adjustments in the vicinity.

    The Moscow-brokered truce ended heavy fighting between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces that all started on September 27 and claimed heaps of lives from each side.

    As a part of the truce, Armenia lost manage of parts of the enclave's territory as well as seven surrounding districts of Azerbaijan it held in view that the Nineties.

    Armenian separatists retained manage over most of Nagorno-Karabakh's territory, and some 2,000 Russian peacekeepers have deployed alongside frontline areas to offer protection to a land link connecting Nagorno-Karabakh with Armenia.

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    the place to shuttle in Australia this summer season | WORLD OF WANDERLUST

    With international shuttle plans still on hang and no crystal ball at my disposal, I'm starting to think 2021 could be a great chance to discover greater of my own yard. wherever you're in the world, now's a pretty good time to birth traveling nearer to home. And while it's tempting to under no circumstances are looking to go away the condominium once more, having fun with your own own freedom and area on the earth continues to be as critical as ever. So, the place for those who commute in Australia this summer time? listed here are our proper picks!

    Lord Howe Island | World of WanderlustLord Howe Island, New South Wales

    here's most likely my customary region in all of Australia. I could say that about just a few places however in reality, Lord Howe Island is another sort of magic. you are going to arrive on the island in just beneath two hours. Qantas hyperlink fly between Sydney and the island daily, making it a fine option for Sydney-siders to break out the metropolis in a heartbeat.

    once there, Lord Howe Island packs a punch in terms of activities. every inch of the island seems like it's ripped straight out of a film scene and that's possibly why a number of Hollywood films were created right here (most incredible being Blake active's shark drama, The Shallows).

    Blue mountains Sydney AustraliaBlue Mountains, New South Wales

    an extra brilliant summer season destination for those that choose the mountains to the seaside is the Blue Mountains. you could reach the mountains in a single hour through road or ninety minutes through instruct from Sydney. as soon as there, it is as quiet and serene as you'd imagine from the pictures. in case you're going in search of silence and solitude, I couldn't suggest a higher destination.

    Bruny Island Tasmania | WORLD OF WANDERLUSTBruny Island, Tasmania

    Over on the island of Tasmania there are an abundance of locations with few to no crowds and Bruny Island isn't any exception. regardless of a tremendous recognition enhance in fresh years, Bruny Island still has so a whole lot solitude to offer travellers. There are countless seashores tucked away in quiet corners and a few of them require a couple of hours hike to get there. This just makes the destination so an awful lot extra rewarding!

    The Grampians, Victoria

    after I visited the Grampians in Victoria I had a deep sense of nostalgia for my previous go back and forth to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. So in case you're attempting to find solitude and silence, here is where to break out the city. The Grampians can also be reached in three hours power from Melbourne. it's fairly a scenic force as you enter the countryside and you can make a halfway cease at Ballarat for lunch. In summer season there are limitless actions on offer. actions corresponding to rock mountain climbing, kayaking and lengthy bush walks are conveniently at your disposal. So if you're more of an adventurous traveller, here's some of the best areas to travel in Australia this summer time.

    great ocean road Australiaexceptional Ocean road, Victoria

    As one among Australia's most favourite areas to visit, it's little wonder you are seeing the ethereal great Ocean highway on our listing of must consult with summer time destinations! this is a pretty good time out from Melbourne if you're trying to break out the metropolis, besides the fact that children it's a fair greater weekend away in case you plan your travel in advance. if you are visiting as a part of a larger shuttle round Australia, consider using via all of the manner from Melbourne to Adelaide and taking in the Southern coastline.

    A Guide to visiting Kangaroo Island | World of WanderlustKangaroo Island, South Australia

    If there became only 1 destination on this listing i might go back and forth to on a whim, it might be Kangaroo Island. The herbal fantastic thing about this island off the coast of South Australia is basically whatever thing to behold and my best regret when touring a couple of years in the past turned into now not determining to reside longer. You'll want per week on Kangaroo Island to really profit from your time here. With 509km of coastline and indigenous species like kangaroos (duh), sea lions and so a great deal greater, there in reality isn't any conclusion to the period of time you might spend here.

    Norfolk Island Australia | WORLD OF WANDERLUSTNorfolk Island

    I've been telling all and sundry and anybody who will listen that Norfolk Island is Australia's ultimate stored secret. considering the fact that I visited four years in the past, I've been itching to get lower back. There's simply whatever so untouched and untamed about this small island that packs a punch! Even cows are given correct of method, as vehicles are expected to cave in while they roam freely. There's a true feel of neighborhood on the island, too, which leaves you feeling a world far from the constructs of city lifestyles.

    Flinders ranges travel solo | WORLD OF WANDERLUSTThe Flinders tiers, South Australia

    although this may be the most well liked time of 12 months to visit, we really don't believe there is a nasty time of yr to find yourself within the Flinders levels. South Australia will ruin you for option when it involves experience travel and the Flinders is a mecca for one experience after one more. This enviornment is filled with awesome hikes, ranging from day treks to multi-day adventures. in case you're up for the problem, the Arkaba walk is considered one of the most choicest walks on present in Australia. The highlight of my time on this trek turned into a night sleeping below the stars in my swag (pictured above).

    See extra of my adventures in Australia this summer season on Instagram.

    Sunday, January 3, 2021

    Как дешево продвигать сайт или товар


    По мере того, как мир Интернета растет, трудно предсказать, чем он закончится. А потом все пытаются оцифровать свой магазин, чтобы их продукт начал продаваться в Интернете.

    Каждый день изобретаются новые способы опускать друг друга и удерживать свой продукт на вершине. Но один способ еще не изменился, и это блоги Google и многие другие веб-сайты, которые предоставляют возможность создавать свои собственные блоги бесплатно и рекламировать свои материалы.

    У таких блогов есть два преимущества: первое - это возможность убрать статью с глаз многих людей и дать людям знать, какая компания что делает и что продает. Так же, как поисковая система Google и многие другие поисковые системы, когда они сталкиваются с этими блогами, независимо от упоминания или ссылки в них, поисковые системы также сохраняют эту запись.

    И эта война продолжается. Потому что каждый делает что-то, чтобы его присутствие ощущалось в Интернете. И крупные компании нанимают обычных людей, которые каждые две недели или месяц публикуют новый пост и помещают его в блоги, или создают аккаунт для этой компании на новом бесплатном веб-сайте, и позвольте мне рассказать вам кое-что очень секретное, поисковым системам это нравится. предмет. Чем больше у вас блогов и ссылок на какой-либо продукт, тем выше ваши шансы на продажу.

    Для новичков это может быть очень дорого, но наша компания упростила его для всех. Наряду с крупными компаниями мы также предлагаем наши услуги по той же цене новичкам в мире Интернета.

    Вы можете связаться с нами через Fiverr. Мы прорекламируем ваш сайт или отдельный продукт по очень доступной цене. Скорее всего, вы сильно выиграете. Вот ссылка на нашу учетную запись Fiverr.

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