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The lady fell from the sky: the pandemic crashes into ...

by using Polina Ivanova

superstar metropolis, Russia (Reuters) - The megastar metropolis Closed Administrative Territorial Unit is barely an hour's power northeast of the Kremlin, however for decades the town not ever appeared on any maps. only after the Soviet Union fell aside became its location published.

Even now, it's shrouded via forests, and at the back of its tall concrete walls lies the somber infrastructure of Russia's legendary space software, and the Soviet-era condominium blocks that its cosmonauts and scientists name home.

star metropolis's clinical hospital stands in a wooded enviornment simply previous a monument to Yuri Gagarin, who grew to become the first man in house in 1961, and a hovering symbol of cold battle-period glory. To this present day, vegetation are often positioned at his ft.

For round a decade, health care provider Natalya Lebedeva labored out of the superstar city health center as a paramedic. One autumn, she and a differe nt doctor had been referred to as out to the 12th-floor house of a young musician.

"We walk in and he is in nothing but his underwear," the different paramedic recalled. "And Natalya screams, 'grab him!'"

The young man become heading for the open window.

"If she hadn't screamed, I shouldn't have seen. It did not even move my intellect that he might are trying to bounce," the paramedic stated.

They wrestled the younger man far from the ledge. "it be first rate that he changed into wearing underclothes, as a minimum. otherwise, I do not know what I might have grabbed."

Bleak memories peppered with black humor had been part of familiar existence for Lebedeva and her crew as they navigated Russia's frequently maddeningly bureaucratic and underfunded scientific gadget.

So was the pressure, working in an in depth-knit and closed-off city, a place of rumor and recrimination, heroism and countrywide delight.

"superstar metropolis is not just some ci ty. The residents there don't seem to be convenient," said Irina Antropova, who worked with Lebedeva in town's ambulance carrier from 2006 unless 2009. Fewer than 6,000 individuals live within the town's dozen or so house blocks, lots of them working for the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut working towards middle. "they are cosmonauts, the households of cosmonauts, military personnel."

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within the circular constructing housing the training core's centrifuge, a 300-ton arm spins cosmonauts around an 18-meter radius except the force of gravity appearing on their bodies is elevated up to eight times, replicating the feeling of re-entering the ambiance, of falling to Earth.

a brand new disease

When the primary whispers of a new sickness in China reached Russia in January, Lebedeva, a doctor educated in neurology, become working because the head of megastar city's ambulance carrier.

The crew become close, ambulance driver Vladimir Chizhenko stated. "we all lived as one collective."

however clinical work in star metropolis wasn't general fare. The clinic's head medical professional, Olga Minina, once bought a late-nighttime call on her cell father become cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, and he become calling from house.cellphone from a involved father asking about the fitness of his child.

the city's reputation, and the fame of its residents, ramped up the stress. Rumors spread fast within the insular city. "as it is a closed city, and outsiders won't have entry to the territory, all of them are living there, stewing during this world of theirs," Antropova spoke of.

Lebedeva, fifty one, wasn't married and lived by myself. private and impartial via nature, pals observed, she replied to the panopticоn in which she lived with the aid of protecting to herself.

"Of direction, all and sundry changed into drawn to her own life," Antropova said. "So she stored all of it very secret."

Lebedeva had moved to the Moscow place from her place of origin in southern Russia after her mom died, and she or he all started working as a celebrity city medical professional within the 2000s.

In 2009, the city stopped being a defense force base. however its clinic, although now completely civilian, didn't be a part of the average Russian healthcare system. instead, in 2010 it entered the structure of the Federal clinical and organic agency (FMBA), a sparse community of scientific amenities servicing Russia's nuclear amenities and protection functions, the excessive-stage scientific analysis sector and aerospace.

below the FMBA, with its direct reporting line to the Kremlin, superstar city's sanatorium changed into a tremendously strung vicinity.

Lebedeva become a buffer, protecting her crew of drivers and paramedics, defending them in disputes, 4 participants of the team noted, recalling fierce arguments with the pinnacle doctor over hours and pay.

"Then we might spend time 'resuscitatin g' her after these conferences," pointed out a scientific worker who spoke on situation of anonymity.

Minina, the pinnacle medical professional, talked about that she and Lebedeva had been shut, even in the stressful environment of big name city.

"The residents who are on my watch, each and every one in all them is a celeb," Minina talked about. "So, of course I can be fairly hard, as a result of for me – one misstep and it be the firing squad."

Minina recalled events when she too would safeguard Lebedeva and the ambulance team from complaints. They'd leave work collectively, exhausted, she noted, however Lebedeva would still indicate they get espresso collectively, or go seek advice from the church across city.

"We might also have had our changes," Minina noted. "but she became an individual that I may call at 4 a.m. and she or he'd get the job achieved. I trusted her very much."

Antropova, the ambulance chief's former coworker, talked about Lebedeva would take the entire stress in her stride, asserting, "smartly, yes, neatly, sure, it be no longer effortless, however Irina, i may continue to exist it."

but even before the pandemic hit, she appeared different, ambulance driver Chizhenko observed. She'd stopped joining the group on their lunch breaks, going for a stroll as a substitute, he referred to.

"i would tell her, why are you putting up with this? depart this job. together with your qualifications, that you can all the time discover one other job. And lately, she had all started to agree with me."

On February 28, Chizhenko, uninterested in battles over pay, worked his remaining shift before handing in his note. Two days later, the first tested case of the radical coronavirus in Moscow became found.

getting ready FOR area

That day, March 1, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy arrived in celebrity city to prepare, at the side of two Russian cosmonauts, for a six-month stint on the foreign space Statio n.

As they expert, coronavirus situations in Russia crept up, and restrictions grew. "I hear the streets in Moscow are quiet and empty," Cassidy informed a specialist spaceflight journal towards the conclusion of the month. "right here in superstar metropolis, or not it's form of like this oasis within the woods."

On March 23, the astronauts laid plants via Gagarin's statue, and day after today prompt for Russia's area launch facility in Kazakhstan. it might be big name city's remaining public experience earlier than lockdowns began.

inside per week, the variety of stated coronavirus instances in Russia had shot up four times to more than 1,500. Moscow and the encircling vicinity – together with superstar city – went into lockdown. laws were strict: Residents might leave their homes most effective to reach the closest shop or pharmacy, or to walk pets within a a hundred-meter radius.

Hospitals and healthcare workers across Moscow begun to prepare for a cr isis.


Raisa Ketseleva, daughter of big name metropolis ambulance driver Victor Ketselev, fifty nine, pointed out her father had planned to be on break in Belarus in April.

"When this total pandemic all started … Dad had a big assembly at work and they referred to that it would attain their facility, too," she noted. So he canceled his commute. "He pointed out: 'i'm now not going to abandon my colleagues. i'll live and work.'"

Ketseleva mentioned that firstly, she failed to have in mind how critical the pandemic changed into. Many friends with ease did not consider the coronavirus became real. "They failed to show us that variety of component" on state television. Her father, although, "understood that it became an illness that may conclusion in loss of life. He warned us."

He additionally told her that regardless of his ambulance work, the simplest shielding gadget he had changed into a fundamental face masks.

Lebedeva changed int o keenly aware about the hazard dealing with her group. "She became very anxious about her work, about her department, about us … and participants of our families, as a result of all this fell on her shoulders," her deputy, senior paramedic Marina Izmaylova, recalled.

Lebedeva began to foyer for body of workers to have entry to protective gear and coronavirus assessments, former coworker Antropova observed.

"They have been now not being tested at first of April," Antropova observed Lebedeva instructed her at the time. "the head medical professional was refusing to look at various them, as a result of if any individual tested positive, they'd have needed to put each person" on quarantine. And if that happened, big name city could be left devoid of scientific care.

Head medical professional Minina, although, painted a unique photograph: She mentioned she for my part secured 200 check kits – challenging to come by on the time – from a research institute in Mosco w. but there were guidelines and techniques in location, and it became too early to look at various staff when there were no proven circumstances in the town, she noted.

Some protecting equipment, earmarked for pandemic response, had been supplied via the FMBA, and the group had far better kit than in neighboring clinics. still, Minina pointed out, she searched challenging for further elements, amid a "tremendous deficit" of masks on the market. In a statement, the FMBA stated megastar city's health facility was supplied with sufficient PPE for visits to patients with suspected COVID-19 and that checking out of team of workers began March 25.

On April 2, the problem of trying out and protecting gadget blew up into an argument in the star city health facility, said a doctor on the clinic who spoke on situation of anonymity. "everything all started boiling there," the medical professional stated.

THE VIRUS REACHES superstar metropolis

On April 11, on the eve of superstar city's annual get together of Gagarin's liftoff into house, ambulance driver Ketselev developed a sore throat.

On April 13, his temperature started to upward push, his daughter stated.

On April 15, his colleagues from the famous person metropolis clinic showed as much as do a coronavirus look at various. A precise Gagarin working towards center legit had just validated fine, and mass checking out of clinic body of workers had begun.

the following day, Ketselev's check got here lower back advantageous, his daughter pointed out.

by way of that point, his shift partner had developed a cough. The associate's wife and infant were coughing, too, Ketselev's daughter noted. The third ambulance driver, a younger man who had replaced Chizhenko when he give up, also fell sick, Chizhenko said.

On April 18, with his temperature soaring, Ketselev called Lebedeva and instructed her he turned into in affliction. She mentioned he may still go to sanatorium, a nd after a long evening searching for mattress area, Ketselev became taken away in an ambulance. His daughter spent the subsequent morning frantically ringing hospitals within the area, making an attempt to work out where he might be.

with the aid of April 22, 27 body of workers participants of the star city sanatorium had tested tremendous for coronavirus, a letter despatched to the town's mayor on that date showed. So had 10 of their members of the family. Head doctor Minina, too, became within the ICU, with damage to seventy five% of her lungs, she pointed out.

in the letter, heart specialist Svetlana Zakharova, who had taken over from Minina, requested the mayor to press the Moscow vicinity health ministry for guide."The company of medical guide for the population of the star metropolis Closed Administrative Territorial Unit has become exceptionally elaborate, especially the provision of emergency scientific care," in line with the letter, considered with the aid o f Reuters.

"At that factor … we have been truly fighting for our lives," noted senior paramedic Izmaylova, who turned into additionally hospitalized with severe COVID signs.

On April 20, Lebedeva turned into hospitalized in Moscow after testing high-quality.

earlier than LIFTOFF, a detailed stumble upon

within the days before the virus all started to unfold in superstar metropolis, the three astronauts had been making ready for liftoff at the Russian cosmodrome in Baikonur.

On the morning of April 9, liftoff day, the three men, wearing their white spacesuits, met with Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian space company. They also met with Evgeny Mikrin, deputy head of RSC Energia, which had built the Soyuz rocket they had been about to take.

The astronauts spoke with the officials via a wall of glass, a quarantine measure. They walked out to the launchpad without the natural crowds of well-wishers lining their way. At eleven:05 a.m. Moscow time, t hey blasted into area.

Two days after getting back from the liftoff, rocket fashion designer Mikrin, sixty four, began to feel unwell. A coronavirus look at various came back high-quality.

On April 12, Andrey Voloshin, a pilot and Gagarin working towards core authentic, also proven fantastic, a verify effects message viewed via Reuters showed, fitting famous person metropolis's first validated case. He had not attended the liftoff, however had met the party getting back from Baikonur, star metropolis Mayor Evgeny Barishevsky spoke of.

via the conclusion of the month, 10 personnel of the Gagarin working towards core had proven effective, native authorities pronounced. The house agency stated 173 personnel of Russia's universal aerospace business were ill, and 6 had died.

Mikrin would die of the ailment on may additionally 5. President Vladimir Putin wrote a short observation expressing his condolences online.

A spokesman for the Russian area company, Ros cosmos, said that the liftoff neighborhood had validated terrible immediately earlier than and after the commute to Baikonur. despite the fact tests have been typical to be unreliable in those early days, he observed, there changed into no difficulty because strict quarantine measures had been adopted all through the liftoff.

nevertheless, within weeks of Russia's first tested case, the coronavirus had penetrated the closed walls of star city and crossed the high-safety gates of its cosmonaut training core. It had radiated throughout Russia's revered area program during a moment of foreign consideration and countrywide pride, and had, doubtlessly, come within an inch of glass far from traveling to house in a cosmonaut.

THE search for somebody to blame

In star metropolis, with the clinic within the grip of the outbreak, a hunt was launched for someone accountable, the doctor on the hospital pointed out.

"They desired to blame us, that it turned into us that co ntaminated them, not the opposite direction round," the doctor observed of officials with the area program. "They desired responsible the doctors.

"after which they begun coming down challenging on [Lebedeva], claiming she fell sick, infected everybody," the medical professional observed.

Head medical professional Minina observed she did not comprehend of any probe into the outbreak at the time; she herself became already within the medical institution. however she observed that studies had unfold broadly around the city blaming Lebedeva for rocket dressmaker Mikrin's positive test – however that he wasn't a resident, and the two had had no contact at all. however the rumor become there.

A Roscosmos spokesman pointed out he recalled some speak of accusations of negligence on the time, however it didn't come from the area company. "We did not provoke [any investigation] ... nor add to any rumors," he mentioned. That wouldn't even be inside the company's purview, h e said.

in line with the Gagarin practising center, responding to a request for comment, the core had no considerations with the megastar city clinic's work at all.

Lebedeva phoned a couple of colleagues and shut friends from her health facility mattress, 4 people observed. She had been admitted to the critical FMBA hospital #eighty three in Moscow.

Her sickness wasn't severe. "Her temperature become a little over 37 degrees," or 98.6 Fahrenheit, and "her lungs had been affected most effective to a small diploma," her pal Antropova noted.

all through a number of calls from the ward, Lebedeva again and again noted that she turned into being blamed for being the source of the outbreak, a friend noted. "She referred to as me and spoke of … 'i'm going to be jailed. or not it's the conclusion for me.'"

"I pointed out … 'How were you alleged to have averted this, how? How? Come on. What are you, God?'" the pal recalled.

but Lebedeva changed into in tears. She talked about she had been contacted by way of investigators from the police.

Ketseleva, the ambulance driver's daughter, spoke of that some weeks later, celebrity city police officer Maxim Statsenko visited her at domestic. He refused to expose what he changed into investigating, she spoke of. "but I asked him questions, of path, and that i understood that they were attempting to find who fell ailing first."

Reuters referred to as Officer Statsenko to ask him about Lebedeva and his investigation. "I don't know anything else," he stated, and hung up.

In a press release, the FMBA pointed out: "The detection of COVID-19 among the many employees of [the Star City clinic] ended in an inner audit by way of the administration of the FMBA's interregional directorate #a hundred and seventy. No fees have been brought in opposition t N.V. Lebedeva as a result of the audit. The management of the FMBA and the [Star City clinic] additionally had no concerns with the w ork of N.V. Lebedeva."

celebrity city doctors criticized the conception of blaming anybody in any respect during a virus or looking for who contaminated whom. "We did every little thing via the e-book," head doctor Minina referred to. "i am a doctor, now not a ballerina. I obtained ill as a result of i used to be on the front line."

On April 23, ambulance driver Ketselev become connected to a ventilator. chances of healing for sufferers on a ventilator were typical to be low.

From her health center mattress, Lebedeva wrote a WhatsApp message to Minina: "I have understood that here is the virus of panic and concern."


Lebedeva become last active on WhatsApp at 00:21 on Friday, April 24, noted a friend and former colleague at the famous person city health center, Natalya Zhernakova.

That day, a few friends could not reach her through mobile. They began calling the FMBA medical institution, chum Antropova recalled, but "the health faci lity advised them that every one suggestions about Lebedeva become 'closed.'"

On Saturday, Lebedeva's friends contacted the megastar city hospital ambulance carrier, Antropova spoke of. "And her colleagues already… they had already obtained the suggestions," Antropova talked about, her voice breaking.

"they'd been told that Natalya … had dedicated suicide."

She had fallen from the window of the Moscow clinic's coronavirus ward and died from her accidents, a television channel suggested.

The FMBA launched a statement on April 27: "On April 24, 2020, because the effect of an unfortunate accident, Natalya Lebedeva tragically died."

The be aware "accident" angered a lot of Lebedeva's friends, who trust she committed suicide out of desperation.

Responding to a request for comment, the FMBA noted her dying was a tragic event and that legislation enforcement officers have opened an investigation.

with no affirmation of the method of Lebedeva's dying from the FMBA, the town stewed.

"they may cowl all of it up, because it's house. serious people are worried," the medical professional at the medical institution referred to. "it's why they wanted in charge all of it on the ambulance carrier."

per week after Lebedeva's death, Ketseleva turned into instructed that her father, the ambulance driver, had died. Her mom turned into left to grieve by myself and in quarantine for an extra month.

Ketseleva turned into despatched a video, seen via Reuters. The grownup recording it walks during the empty corridors of celebrity city's health facility. Benches are cordoned off with pink-and-white hazard tape. At reception, the digital camera turns a corner.

There, under a bouquet of flora, stand photos of Ketselev and Lebedeva, a black ribbon on each.

SWAN song

In early can also, a funeral cortege traveled slowly via big name city, adopted by way of two ambulances with sirens on all through. The coffin f or Lebedeva, whose surname is derived from the Russian word for swan, lebed, turned into white.

famous person metropolis resident Dmitry Saraev and others wrote on social media of staring at from their windows. "This mourning escort grew to become Natasha's swan music, performed not through her but through her group of workers and vehicles," Saraev wrote.

superstar city ambulance dispatcher Tatyana Krivushina, sixty five, fell unwell quickly after her mother, who died in late might also. Krivushina died on June 6.

within the remaining days of August, the head of the FMBA, Veronika Skvortsova, visited celebrity city. Pulling up in a black Mercedes, she toured the Gagarin practising core, posing for a photo in entrance of а Soyuz rocket training simulator.

Skvortsova additionally toured the superstar city clinic. among her festive welcome birthday party was Valentina Tereshkova, the first lady in area.

Skvortsova talked to medical doctors and inspected t he clinic's gadget, an reliable video showed. within the 2.5-minute clip, the outbreak at the clinic wasn't mentioned.

At one factor on her tour, Skvortsova visited the hospital's reception enviornment. A press picture indicates her standing in the corner by means of a noticeboard.

in the back of her is the table on which the memorial bouquet was placed next to the framed photographs of Ketselev and Lebedeva. by the time of the legitimate seek advice from, the flora and the pics have been long past.

(Reporting through Polina Ivanova; modifying with the aid of Kari Howard)

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