Monday, October 7, 2019

Russia will locate methods to aid Cuba get oil, says Medvedev ...

Russia will find ways to support Cuba cozy substances of oil and petroleum items, Russian best Minister Dmitry Medvedev talked about in an interview broadcast on Saturday.

Medvedev pledged to aid strengthen Cuba's energy sector all over a consult with to the island this week, but did not announce any short-term measures to supply relief for the island from crippling fuel shortages within the wake of more challenging US sanctions.

A flotilla of shipments from Venezuela gave Cuba some respite this week. but the guide from two of its closest allies looks unlikely to get to the bottom of Cuba's urgent gasoline problems, which have viewed the govt lengthen many of the power-saving measures it has brought over the past month.

"I think we will find alternative routes to assist Cuba get oil and petroleum items," Medvedev told Rossiya 1 television when asked if Russian ships might escort oil tankers to Cuba.

"We discussed this today and agreed that we would draft a piece p lan for power elements to Cuba, taking into account standard energy sources, hydrocarbons, and maybe another accessible avenues," he referred to.

Havana mentioned on Sept. eleven that it had no longer secured ample shipments of sophisticated fuels reminiscent of fuel and diesel for the relaxation of the month because of sanctions imposed by way of the united states in retaliation for its guide for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Cuba's oil creation currently meets an estimated 40% of its wants. nearly all of the relaxation has been offered via Venezuela for years below a barter contract for medical services.

all the way through the talks held as a part of his seek advice from, Cuba mentioned that it might pay all its miraculous money owed to Moscow, Medvedev stated.

"The Soviet Union isn't any longer there, and Cuba is changing, and there's no doubt about any free support which would then must be written off. All our relations are very pragmatic," the Ru ssian leading Minister pointed out.

"although they're friendly in nature and in keeping with a ancient past, they are on the other hand members of the family between modern states. They should be together really helpful."

Russia and Cuba have signed an agreement to renovate Cuba's railway equipment and are also discussing the sale of Russian airplanes to Cuba, Medvedev noted, adding that Russia, the world's biggest wheat exporter, could carry wheat to Cuba if needed.

"Oil deliveries can be bring to a halt, but if the U.S. makes a call to ban food components or to position them beneath control, this is no laughing count."

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