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Prince Philip Lovingly Stared At ‘Fragile,’ ‘Fairy-Like ...

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip made headlines all the way through their first tour of Australia in 1954. in the beginning, the couple changed into purported to head to the continent in 1952, however their travel became postponed as a result of the death of Her Majesty's father.

in one of the royal couple's photographs in Australia, the Duke of Edinburgh lovingly stares at her husband. The dad of four additionally appears very proud of her.

in keeping with journalist Marien Dreyer, the Queen gave the impression of a fragile and fairy-like character when she arrived in Australia. She was also breathtakingly beautiful.

"She become in a costume of palest gold and miraculous embroidery and in sharp distinction, the pleasing blue sash of the Order of the Garter. The diamond tiara on the Queen's superbly poised head flashed hearth, but round her throat, she had a good waterfall of liquid flames, or so it appeared… the friendly crowd became just about all girls, oohing and aahing with rapture at the sight of a Fairy Queen," she wrote.

The e-book additionally claimed that the Australians automatically got here under the monarch's spell because of her mere presence and alluring speech.

"i'm convinced that Australia has a wonderful future," she pointed out in her farewell speech, revealing that she become saddened to be leaving. This consult with has been most pleasing and entertaining to me, however I additionally hope it has served to remind you of the extraordinary heritage we share," the Queen shortly.

After her first discuss with to Australia, the Queen and Prince Philip again to the continent 15 extra instances. Prince Philip has also gone to Australia on his solo tours a handful of instances.

At latest, the Queen is not any longer able to travel to different components of the area. Her husband has also retired from his royal obligations. As such, the Queen constantly taps individuals of the royal household to visit certain constituents of the realm on her behalf.

for example, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been requested to head to South Africa ultimate month. Prince William and Kate Middleton are in Pakistan in the mean time.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince PhilipPictured: The Queen, Prince Philip depart a provider of Commemoration for troops who have been stationed in Afghanistan on March 13, 2015 in London, England. photo: Getty photos/Chris Jackson

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