Friday, July 12, 2019

Russia funding claims are 'ridiculous' says Salvini

(ANSA) - Rome, July 12 - Claims that the nationalist League birthday celebration discussed taking funding by means of oil kickbacks from Russia are ridiculous, chief Matteo Salvini said Friday.    "it's all ridiculous", he tweeted.    "We on no account asked for a rouble, a greenback, a gin and tonic, a doll from anybody.    "I recognize the work of everyone" Salvini spoke of after Milan prosecutors opened a probe into Lombardy-Russia association President Paolo Savoini who Italian newsweekly L'Espresso and US news web page Buzzfeed say met with two other Italians and three Russian in a Russian hotel to discuss siphoning off an alleged sixty five million euros from oil earnings.    Neither media outlet has referred to they have any proof any payments went via. Salvini observed "My sense of right and wrong is apparent. i will sue any person who hyperlinks funds to the League and Russia".    He referred to the League's balance sheets "are clear". Salvini referred to h e had "no difficulty" with a parliamentary fee of inquiry into birthday party funding, as requested through the centre-left opposition Democratic birthday party (PD). "Let there be seven or eight of them, we don't have anything to hide," he mentioned.    He brought "i am now not going to sue Savoini, however anyone who links the League to (Russian) cash." "Savoini turned into no longer invited through the interior ministry, both to Moscow in October 2018 or (on July 4) to Villa Madama for the bilateral assembly with Putin," Salvini pointed out.    regarding the discuss with to Moscow, he mentioned "i will be able to produce the files of all the passengers who travelled with me. What do i do know what he turned into doing on the table? Ask him. i am the indoors minister and i favor to deal with serious concerns. "This inquiry is ridiculous".    Claudia Echer, Salvini and the League's attorney, told ANSA that "Matteo Salvini and the movement he represents might be safeguarded in all fora".    She pointed out there changed into a opportunity that the League can also stand as civil plaintiff if the investigation into Savoini for alleged foreign corruption involves trial.    Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitri Peskov told the Interfax information agency Friday that the Buzzfeed expose' "proves nothing".    "there's nothing there to comment on," he referred to, "we have viewed the Buzzfed record and we have analysed the transcription of the conversations, however this doesn't show anything. We see no purpose to remark."


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