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1908 by Hans Wisdorf in Switzerland's (La Chaux-de-Fonds) registration changed its name to ROLEX.

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We now see that the vast majority of Rolex is the chain table, the model of multi belt. But in the beginning, the Rolex oyster bracelet is only used in the early bubble back and Rolex watch on. Other watches are optional belt, until one day (1952), Rolex made a significant improvement to the oyster bracelet, let oyster watchband really become familiar to us. Rolex is the first chain hanging on the table between the shaft between the ears, there is a gap between the chain and the case. Hung on the shaft of the chain on the [url=http://www.drhaushka.co.uk]omega uk[/url] ear shaft pressure, left a security risk, Rolex in 1952 added a link in the chain of the end, let the chain into the present case and integrated style, since then, Rolex began to dominate the day under the metal belt. The first to use the "modern" Oyster bracelet watch is Rolex launched in 1954 6542 Greenwich GMT, then the first generation Rolex exploration, the first generation drowner began using the oyster bracelet.

So far, Rolex oyster bracelet has experienced 3 generations, now in oyster Bracelet sale watch is a modified version of the third generation.

The first generation of oyster Bracelet: characteristics of the first generation of oyster bracelet bracelet "screw". We can easily see that every link of the first generation oyster Bracelet (on both ends of the link) has a screw inserted in the chain ends. This is to identify the characteristics of the first generation of oyster bracelet.

The second generation oyster Bracelet: characteristics of the second generation oyster Bracelet "folding bracelet". We can see that the chain is a piece of metal from both sides to folded. In the chain in the shaft wear from the outside of the invisible, hidden in the inside of the chain link. This is a feature of the second generation oyster bracelet.

The third generation oyster Bracelet: third chain is characterized by "sealing bracelet". That's what we're all about. The chain section in the side sealed, no screws, no fold, is a whole chain. Rolex oyster Bracelet now is this appearance (note that I just said, this is the appearance of the same) characteristics of the third generation.


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